Summer of Events: Extra Credit Batman #48, Nightwing vs. Hush #1, and Green Arrow #41

This week,we are reading in the main section Justice League #1 and Man of Steel #2. However, over here in the Extra Credit side, we are reading Batman #48 and Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1. That’s a mouthful… Along with Green Arrow #41.
The Weekly Schedule

Summer of Events
Predictions (Monday-Tuesday)
Justice League #1 (Wednesday - Friday)
Man of Steel #2 (Saturday - Monday)

Extra Credit
Predictions (Tuesday)
Batman #48 (Wednesday - Friday)
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1 (Saturday - Sunday)
Green Arrow #41 (Monday)

Batman #48 (Wednesday - Friday)

  1. What did Joker do to his mom?
  2. How do you summon Batman?

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1 (Saturday - Sunday)

  1. What does the Hush truly want?
  2. Who is Batman’s Best Man or should be?

Green Arrow #41 (Monday)

  1. What are the contradictions in the Green Arrow Ideology?

Batman #48 (Tuesday - Thursday)

  1. Should this title be moved to the main series?
  2. Did you find joker funny, sadistic, or poorly written?
  3. How does religion impact the comic?
  4. What point is King making about religion?

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1 (Friday - Sunday)

  1. Is Hush a more interesting villain now?
  2. What makes Hush chose HIM?
  3. Does the title feel appropriate for the actual story?
  4. What do you think of the reveal of THAT addition to the multiverse?

Green Arrow #41 (Monday)

  1. Does this feel like a good new fresh start to the Green Lantern Story?
  2. Does this title deserve to continue to be in Extra Credit or should it be dropped.
  3. How does Green Arrow win? (Can he win?)
  4. What makes Ollie a superhero with his own comic series?
  5. Is this a good addition to the New Justice Storyline or not?

Teen Titans Preview

  1. Do you like it?



Can’t wait to discuss! I won’t be participating in predictions since I’ve read them already though.

Discussion for Batman #48 is up!! Also the Teen Titans Preview is on the table any time!

1.)The main Summer of Events Book Club? Not if you don’t want it to be.

2.)I find him funny & sadistic. I like it when writers can do that with the Joker. Make me laugh when I know I probably shouldn’t be. It’s the reason I like Scott Snyder’s Death of the Family. And while Tom King’s Joker is obviously very different, he still adds his own sadistic sense of humor to the Joker’s dialogue. Tom King’s Joker is very different from other versions of him. He almost acts sort of foggy. He has strings of logic that don’t make sense. It’s interesting. Not my favorite depiction of the Joker, but I like it.

3.)Religion is obviously referenced strongly, seeing as this story is about a wedding.

4.)In the end, he basically equates love to religion. It’s a very common trend in all kinds of media nowadays. Many people tend to want to have something that gives them meaning. However, since many people don’t want to believe in a god anymore, they’ve turned to other things. Some people believe that science is the source of all truth. However, many people also don’t want to believe in science alone since it makes a lot of things they want to matter not matter. Take marriage for example. Religion says it’s important, but science says it’s chemicals in your brain and how society evolved, which makes it almost meaningless. Which is why you see so many people today describing themselves as “spiritual”. Saying that your spiritual is basically saying that you believe that emotions give things meaning. This story perpetuates that way of thinking, whether not or agree with it is a different matter.

Keep in mind the way I define science. Most religions still agree with most science. I’m talking about the current environment of scientific theories and research.


By the way, you’re great at coming up with discussion questions. I wish I had time to be more involved in your book clubs.


Thanks Awesome Squid!! Religion gives meaning, but it also makes you a better person. I think for Tom King. His message is darker. The opening page of the comic gave the effect that prayer was meaningless. How could god let this occur. I like what you said about marriage and religion though!

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For those interested, I’m extending Batman discussion so tomorrow both Batman AND Nightwing vs. crush will be available.

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By the way, Batman #48 -50 is my second favorite arc of the series despite the ending of it. Losing to the Batman Superman fair day.

Onto Nightwing vs. Hush, the first time I read this I didn’t know who Hush was. The issue though has some fun reveals about the DC Universe as a whole including pocket dimensions. I would be interested in seeing this idea returning.