Suicide Squad

I found this video that talks about James Gunn’s suicide squad

That’s exactly how I felt throughout the the whole movie. The only thing I think Gunn did well was to show how crazy Harley was. Although, I didn’t like the context in how he showed her madness. The whole falling in love with president Luna was just dumb.

So what did you guys think about the suicide squad? Comment in the section below :point_down:


Only saw the first 35 minutes. I was enjoying Ratcatcher and… Ratcatcher. Granted I really hate the villains who lie that they are “Anti-heroes.” I will send them to Arkham.

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I felt like a lot of the villains were just played for laughs. So when Harley Quinn did her whole escape routine, it didn’t have the same impact because her whole team consisted of nothing but clowns. Granted, I could never buy into a one hundred pound female beating up full grown men to escape anything. Lol :joy:

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I agree wit the whole scene of how she fell for the leader. When I thought about it though, its Harley she is crazy and fun and a comic book character. I guess that’s the cool part about creative with a comic you can do anything.

Yeah! Rat catcher 2 was my second favorite aside from Harley.