Just wanting some suggestions on what order to watch the batman/superman/Justice League movies? I’m revisiting the OG Justice league right now and loving it! The only 2 movies I’ve seen though are under the red hood and year one.

Are you talking about animation?

The two examples are animations, so i will give it a try.

They are best watched in the order they were produced.

Batman The Animated Series
Superman The Animated Series
Justice League
Justice League Unlimited.

My understanding is that Batman was a prime time show. It has the most atmosphere and retells many classic tales. It is never clear when the show is set. Someone said recently it had 30s gangsters, zeppelins and cars and technology that matched neither.

Another writer said that one of the major stories in these four series is Batman gradually learning to work with other.

Batman and Superman team up in Superman. He refuses to join the Justice League but by the time of Unlimited, he is recruiting Green Arrow.

Justice League has seven major heroes, but with frequent guest stars like Aquaman.

Unlimited is the whole DC Universe. Sometimes it concentrates on a few heroes, sometimes it is ‘all hands on deck,’ Standouts in.the series are Supergirl, Question, Huntress, Green Arrow and Black Canary, among many other.