It says that you can get a monthly subscription, but only the yearly is offered. How can I subscribe on a monthly basis?

there should be 2 there should be an $8 fee which is the monthly one not sure if it will say it but look for it if its not on their sign up by using the web verison if not try using a laptop for me it came up right away

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Thanks, @Mikethecoptic!
Both the monthly and annual plan options should be available in your web browser, @bclarkjr.27484!
Sign up here to access both plan options:
If you already have an account, go ahead and login. Then you should be prompted to “Select a Plan”. :slight_smile:

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Your Welcome @KittyKrawler also i do hope you did find your way to the monthly subscription bud also welcome to the family


What does it mean when you try to read the 2nd comic in a series and it says you need premium, I signed up for the app and pay the $7.99 per month now, what else?

@larryfc38.4168 It sounds like you may have a little technical situation that just needs to be worked out.

Reach out to the Justice League over in customer support, for a little assistance:

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ALL: I will be moving this thread over to “Suggestion Box”, as we would rather any technical questions be submitted to customer support or posted in the Suggestion Box. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Speaking of fees, I can’t afford the annual $79.99 and have subscribed to monthly payment. Still, monthly adds up to more $ for the app membership. I don’t like being penalized because I pay monthly. I don’t wish to unsubscribe but I’m annoyed. Oh well.