Story Hunting

I just finished Dark Knights Metal as well as No Justice. My plan is to start reading the new Justice League Dark story, but I also wanted to ask a few other things. Is this Justice League Odyssey any good? I’m interested, but I don’t know a lot about Azrael who I hear is a part of this team. (Also, any stories focused on Jessica Cruz that I should read would be appreciated. She seems cool.)

I’m going to try and go back all the way to Snyder’s beginning on Batman so I can get more context regarding everything that built up to Dark Knights Metal. Anything I should know first before going in?

I am a HUGE fan of The Sandman and wanted to know if the new Sandman series, which seemed to get it’s start after the conclusion of Metal, is worth checking out. Also, I am weirdly digging Starro and want to know when and where he comes back?


First of let me say Azreal has a really amazing history with Gotham, he is one of my all time favorites. I can tell you to check out batman sword of azreal book one and go from there. He’s a really complex character but very interesting to say the least. I don’t wanna give anything away lol. As for Dark knights Metal, just amazing how that whole entire series was set up. I personally love “the batman who laughs”, i really think that he will be the next villain to really take DC into the new decade. And the direction you’re wanting to go in is a perfect direction to. Lol forward to hearing your thoughts on Azreal.

The first five issues of Justice League Odyssey were very very bad.

The writer admitted he did not know hoe to write a team book

Dan Abnett. Writer of Aquaman.Titans snd Silincer took.over.woth.issue

It is really Jessica in the lead now. She wsd formerly the of Hre4n Lanterns whicj I HIGHLY recommend.

Starfire Cyborg and Azarel have bern eased out and Jessixa has a great new crew including New Fods Orion.the red Lantern a cat and Starfire’s sister Blackfirr

The series is now really good, ten thousand times better than issues 1 through 5.

I highly recommend you NOT read those issues.

I do not understand the current Sandman series though.i enjoyed the stories by Neil.Gahaim and understood them well.

Azrael’s history is kind of a wild ride and a lot of his major stories are pretty polarizing, but he’s one of my favorite characters. He was created for the Knightfall saga in the early ‘90s, which I think is a good story bogged down by a ton of padding in the middle during the “Azrael replaces Batman” part of the plot. Then he had a hundred issues’ worth of solo series (written by Denny O’Neil, who’s a genius) which had some strange plots and repetitive stories, but Azrael himself had a really good character arc. I think that as good as O’Neil is, the series could’ve benefitted from switching writers, since there’s a certain point at which O’Neil’s story for the character is clearly done and he doesn’t know how to move it along.

After the end of his series (in which he dies), Azrael doesn’t really show up again (aside from a shortlived replacement who even fewer people care about) until Batman & Robin Eternal (which I haven’t read). Then James Tynion IV used him in his Detective Comics run, which was my introduction to the character. I actually really liked his dynamic with Luke Fox there and it was what inspired me to look at his older stories.

Only the first three issues of Justice League Odyssey are in.the library. You will regret reading them. Azarel.only has a minor role in.these issues. Writer dis not jnow what to do with him or any other character in.the book.

Wait for issue 6 to be in.library.

All of 2016 Green Lanterns with Jessica Cruz is in our library. Highly recommend.

I only know Azarel.from Detective Comics 2016.zhe had a slight role there. The first arc is one of the best Bat family stories ever done

That reminds me, I heard that TBWL is still around somehow, despite how DKN ended. What the Hell do I read in order to get more of him?

Did you read Dark Knight: Metal?

Yes, and it was awesome! But again, I heard The Batman Who Laughs is still around, and I want to know what I need to read to get more of him!