Still no full library!

they have been saying forever that the full library would be available in October and now in November we still don’t have it!


The October message was changed over a week ago. We’re still waiting for more info.

Thanks @peteyparker

Dude you realize you are going to have to pay extra for the full library right?

Just download Comixology.

Yeah the comic selection isn’t really that good. I’m just going to stick with comixology plus most of the movies that are on here you can find at the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.


So they are going to charge extra? Wtf is this platform worth then? Titians is ok but not life changing.

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Ina mad fever- hallucination tonight, I believe I heard Applejack herself say that in a few weeks we will probably hear more and see more concerning the comics Library so maybe before 2019?

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I guess it’s taking time for Dan D to take photos with a cell phone of each page of the comics they are going to post, and then a course using Gimp to clean up the photos before posting here…