Still Captain Marvel to me

Having always been a huge fan of Captain Marvel I am still really struggling with the change to Shazam. Some of the main reasons being we know the Wizard’s name is Shazam and it screwed with the names of the entire Marvel family. The thing that bothers me most though, how can he ever introduce himself anymore? If he says his name he’ll change…

Long story short, he’ll always be Captain Marvel to me.



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Eh, I don’t mind either way

Captain Marvel all the way. What’s always bothered me is after they changed the name what do they call Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr? Are they Mary SHAZAM and SHAZAM Jr because those don’t sound near as good.

Yeah I definitely think Marvel was tripping for taking that name. While I love the name Shazam, Captain Marvel will always be him.

That’s fine and all but don’t go obsessively trying to correct new fans post Shazam movie release. Definitely a thing we got to accept come then with all due respect.

An opinion piece about my feelings on the name change of Captain Marvel is in no way a precursor to "obsessively correcting " new fans on the name Shazam, which predates an unreleased film. Nor are any fans, even ones with differing opinions than my own required to accept creative change they don’t agree with. That’s the beauty of a free market. If everyone simply went along with creative decisions which were unpopular, we’d still be living in the dark days of 90s costume redesigns. With all do respect.

Of course and agree. Just too many elitist fanboys out there who over obsess on correcting everything. You seem to be a more mindful human and I acknowledge that.

P.S. If only Booster did run 4 Prez!