Static Shock

Tale about their favorite Static Shock moments and possible DC Tv series here or HBO


If we’re talking about the kartoon then my favorite moment is when Static playfully flirts with Harley Quinn before electrifying the boat and shocking her

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I fell in love with a TV series but never read the comics. All I know is that in the comics, his sister Sharon is younger than he is as opposed to the TV show. But to answer your question, usually crossovers have a potential to be really cheesy but I loved all the cross overs with Justice League.

And the episode when he meets Terry Mcguiness​:scream::scream:

And the episode when his father finds out that he is static

And the episode when```

Okay :tired_face: I’ll save the rest for everyone else. Everything but the the first and second season was great. The drawing and episodes got better later in the show.


4th wall break!

The real Ambush Bug is here and making a gnarly steak. YUM!!!


For me, it’d have to be when Joker thought he was going to electrocute Batman using his hand-buzzer. That moment where he thinks he’s gotten Batman, followed just a second later by being shocked himself, was absolute gold.

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@maddox his sister is still older than him in the comics. his mother is still alive, and Frieda is his best friend instead of Richie who is named Rick and Rick only become his best male friend after the death of Larry Wade who he became friends with after tutoring him. Larry is also Frieda’s boyfriend and part of the reason her and Static become friends

Terry McGinnis episode and JL crossover