Starting a collection

Help names coty im trying to start my own comic collection ive been laid up and reading a good Batman or Flash. Any ideas where to get new books for good price. I wanna read and experience new stories. I


The way I developed most of my collection was by searching Craigslist or sites like it and finding sellers through there. Obviously you have to be careful with stuff like that. But, if you’re comfortable with it, you should be able to find some people in your area with large collections who are willing to pawn off their stuff for cheap prices. I would be able to fill up an entire box for under 100. Takes a bit of saving up, but you get some cool stuff out of it :slight_smile:


@smith93628.5811 Check out Discount Comic Book Service. They offer 40-50% discounts on comics.

I’m a trade guy so I shop at their sister site In Stock Trades. DC and Marvel 42% off normally and sales at 50% off and above. They pack everything rock solid.

PS Welcome to the DCU family.


So wait you would sell a box full of dc comics for 100$

Oh no. Sorry for the confusion. I meant I would be able to find sellers on Craigslist. Then I would grab a long box and fill it up, and it would cost me around 100. Not looking to sell myself.

I usually go to They have tons of comics as well as sales and a $1 comic section. They also have auctions where you can get a single issue or a group of them. The groups you can usually get for a pretty good price.

There’s also a secondhand shop called 2nd & Charles that’s located in a number of states that sells comics. Most of the ones I got from there were only a dollar.


Flea markets can be a good hunting ground. Most comic stores have big sales on free comic book day, Black Friday weekend and other special occasions.


I love that you’re trying to grow your Batman collection, @smith93628.5811! If you don’t have a comic shop in your area, another stupendous outlet is Half Price Books. My local store has a decent sized comic books section (hardbacks and paperbacks that are multi-issue) and I have scored a lot of my most prized pieces there. Aside from being moderately priced, you can also take the time to flip through and see if the content grabs you. Another bonus is being able to trade-in for a better fit at a later date.

Recommendations that are not on this service (currently):

Happy reading! :batman_hv_5:


Thank you everyone for the great suggestions it means alot!!!

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