Stargirl Season 2 - Confirmed New & Returning Villains

Returning villains confirmed for season 2 include Hu tress, Sportsmaster, Solomon Grundy, Brainwave and Icicle. New villains include the already announced Shade and Eclipso. I’m particulary intriged with both of the latter two. Do you think they will have a war over the darkness.
Also returning Dr. Ito.


I am a big fan of both Shade and Eclipso, so I am really looking forward to them. I am hoping in the second season we might get to seem more Golden Age superheroes as well.

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Where did you get this info from? I know comic book characters get resurrected all the time, but Brainwave, Dragon King and Icicle all coming back are pretty big spoilers to just get thrown out there like this

I heard all the dead villains are staying dead.

Yeah I started to second guess myself after i posted. CBR had the Huntress and Sportsmaster info. I then copied the cast list but then wondered if they hadn’t updated it yet. I did see today Jakeem has been confirmed as recurring. Hes been described as the new master of the Thunderbolt so it looks like they"re still following the comics for the most part.

A general cast list would probably still reflect the entire series, so those 3 would show up along w/ any other major dead characters. But it really doesn’t signify that any of them will actually be back

Huge fan of Shade, cannot wait to see him but what I really want to know is there going to be a bigger plot for the true star of the show: Max

I don’t know if Icicles parents are still around in Season Two. Other viewers of the show realized they were speaking Norwegian and worshiping the religion of the Frost Giants of Norse myth. When i heard that i wondered if that meant Fairy Tales Fenton the Golden Age villain with the electric hammer who thinks he is Thor would make an appearance. Now maybe not if they are not on.