Stargirl S1, E6 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

We’ve finally got a full team! W00T!

This episode was full of reveals - well, costume and character reveals, at least. We got to see the New JSA in their costume,s as well as Sportsmaster and Tigress.

The new JSA tried to go after The Gambler, but met up with these two members of the Injustice League instead. The new JSA needs help training though.

Will Pat take on the responsibility of helping them?

If you haven’t watched episode 6 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


It’s official, I :green_heart: Artemis Crock!



Not bad. The team together (for now).
I wanted to punch Hourman myself, but I understand where he’s coming from. It was nice to see them all give Pat some respect at the finish. It was also a nice touch to hear the armor ticking a bit as it cooled down, like my 20-year-old car!
I didn’t expect to feel a tad bit of sympathy for Icicle, seeing as he’s an evil so-and-so. But, the best bad guys always think they’re justified in their means.
The quality remains high on what is fast becoming one of my favorite shows!


Sportsmaster was great so was Tigress. Injustice Society Round Table at the end! The three missing seats were assume ably for Brainwave, Wizard, and Shade! Great to see Barbara and Mike getting along weird though how in the past how they sort of bonded (the passing of the pop tarts) and this episode shows that there bonding revolves around sugar. Maybe we will see them helping in the final episodes by pouring chocolate syrup on Gambler’s computers. Speaking of Gambler one of his computers showed Solitaire! Also another mention of Empire Industries could they be setting up Hippolyta Wonder Woman? Also, Charlie the A.I. Is great! So many theories!


Also not to spoil but episode 11 title is revealed the missing 13th title is here!


26:56 and when Pat talks to Courtney about training and “In one ear right out the other”.

The diner scene had me sad.

So far this is my favorite episode.

Chuck and Beth’s friendship is so sweet.

Yowza, Tigress and Sportsmaster have some serious moves. But they gotta learn self control. Or the high school won’t have a American football team coach.

It looks like Artemis didn’t want to do the list of exercises her parents gave her.

Mike and Barbara’s relationship growing is sweet.
Literally, like a sugar overload.

Yolanda’s determination to get her life back is something I hope to see more of in future episodes.

Rick really needs to think things through.

The team needs to learn how to work together.
I’m excited for the training scene.

Sportsmaster complimenting Stargirl was something cool.

What’s in the journal???

Overall this was an AWESOME episode!

1:05am 6/22/2020


Due to pandemic and work from home, I am able to stay up late midnight to watch this. Totally worth it. Been enjoying every episode so far.


I really hope there’s going to be a season 2 because this has become my favorite super hero show. The acting has been really good, especially by Luke Wilson and Yvette Monreal. The show is shot beautifully and has just the right balance of humor and serious stakes. I actually get nervous whenever an Injustice Society Member shows up because they do such a good job of conveying the danger of these guys. You know these kids are in over their heads and these guys are stone cold monsters.

Anyone else think that the actor playing Sportsmaster looks like evil Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie?

I really liked this episode. I know it takes some suspension of disbelief that the new JSA could hold their own against Sportmaster and Tigress, but it was fun away. I also hope this was an opportunity to humble Rick a little (dude got his butt handed to him). I’m also hoping this leads to more STRIPE interacting with the JSA.

I’m sure it’s on purpose, but watching this really reminds me of what I loved about Geoff Johns’ JSA run. Every character has a distinct identity and purpose. It’s looks to the future without forgetting what was great about the past. There’s so much potential here…it’s like the Arrowverse shows in tone (meaning it’s fun for kids and adults, which, sadly, so much of the DCU programming is not)
, but without the heavy handed soap opera or moralizing and it actually knows how to be funny (which I can not figure out why the CW shows have such a hard time with!).


I won’t spoil the 11th episode title but I really hope Air Wave is mentioned in the episode. I am holding out hope a new All-Star Squadron Will form next season.


Hands down my favorite part was when the staff hid under the bed when Rick confronted Courtney about taking the JSA tools. As everyone is stating, each episode just keeps getting better and I love this show!!!

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That actually made her unlikeable to me. On the one hand he shouldn’t have tackled her, but getting tackled during a football practice is part of the game, being out right punched in the face is cruel and childish on her part


Some stand out moments for me

Intro song had me pumped from the beginning

Loved the staff hiding when caught by pat

Rick dropping truth bombs on pat, what did you even do when you were in the JSA

Gambler is obviously the most evil of all the ISA, he litters.

Beths argument of you can’t have the goggles were best fiends now is weak and annoying, how about I know how to use the goggles, I got them working, or they only work for me. Not but me and the AI are friends.

Strange adventures Easter egg unless it’s referring to something else

Birthday scene hit hard. Lot my grandma recently and her birthdays coming up in a few weeks.

Hour mans costume looks great

Gambler is a Kesha fan

We get to see sports master and tigress. Sports master on paper is a ridiculous character but young justice made him cool and I like this version as well. How can no one identify Tigress as the gym teacher, all she has is a black mark over one eye to hide her identity.


Damn…gotta say I’m digging this series so far, this ep in particular. Pat really got irritated when he knew that Court “stole” all the JSA stuff and gave away some of them to her friends. He had doubts about them, thinking that neither of them is prepared to sacrifice their lives for the better good and they may misuse their powers for other purposes, evidenced by Rick smashing his uncle’s car and it got towed to the Pit Stop. However, in the end, Pat started to build more trust in the new JSA team. And I’m happy that he did. :slight_smile:

p/s: Court got B U S T E D at 3:36 lol (bad Courtney). :joy:


Also one last thing the pen closeup! Can’t wait for Tunderbolt!


The movie theater Easter Eggs keep getting better-

Strange Adventures!
Unknown Soldier!


What’s the third one on the far right?

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to me She is more more Cheshire than Artemis unless she was way different in the Comics.


I wonder if Artemis will be good like in Young Justice. Such a great episode. I loved the costume reveals and Sportsmaster and Tigres duo.


I just gotta say that I love how Stargirl focuses on its heroes and its villains. Scenes like the one with Icicle and his son in the diner are moments that I really appreciate. I enjoy seeing what the villains are up to in Stargirl, I enjoy seeing them fleshed out more and learning about their dynamics with other characters. I have been pleasantly surprised with Icicle so far, honestly wasn’t expecting much from him since I thought Dragon King would be the main villain of the series but Icicle has won me over. Sportsmaster and Tigress are also great. I like how Sportsmaster was complimenting Rick and Courtney as he fought them, as well as how he and Tigress acted very much like a couple even as they fought together. This Sportsmaster is very different from the version we saw in Young Justice, especially when it comes to his relationship with Paula and Artemis. And I like this different take on the character, he’s been a lot of fun.


He tackled her on purpose when he wasn’t supposed to and then was being a total jerk to her for no reason. Imagine the abuse she must get being a girl on the football team. Of course she’s gonna stand up for herself.
Also, her parents are super-villains. At least she didn’t murder him and bury him in the woods, eh?