St. Marks Comics: An Emotional Farewell.

I just wanted to make a shout out all of my St Mark’s Comics alumni how deeply sad I am that, after 36 years, they finally closed their doors. I was already a huge comic book fan but working st St. Marks Comics changed my life forever! I remember book signings with Frank Miller, Kyle Baker and many others. I was magically transformed into a world from the very pages I read as a child. 80s and 90s were a historic era in the heart of the East Village of New York City. I wouldn’t trade the memories, my peers, the creating teams of the comic book industry that came in every week, or meeting the man that made it all happen: Mitch Cutler. St. Mark’s Comics was an icon in the comic book store world of NY. I am very glad to have been a part of this legendary store.


I remember the store very well, especially much, who always seemed to be there

When new 52 comics were coming out, he made a special effort to get me every title.

Also he had. Carton History of the world trades, which allowed me to see what history was, not just what we were taught in school.

I would often get my comics there and then go to NYU Continuing Education, not far away.

Then after some hurricane, the subway line from Brooklyn, where my jobs was was closed before the East Village stopped, so I took an alternative route where Forbidden Planet was nearer.

I went in only once during a period when I wasn’t reading comics but it was a helluva place

I used to live a couple blocks from the Brooklyn location. Got a lot of great action figures there in the early 2000s.