SPOILERS. Discussing Infinite Frontier #0

Infinite Frontier #0 have kick off been shocked Batman Major Villains Bane who back the Batman have die. As Mahoney investigates, he discovers that Bane is not the perpetrator of the attack on the guards, but one of the victims. He pulls off Bane’s mask to discover that not only is Bane apparently dead, but he’s also been ‘Jokerized’ by the poison, which seems to be a version of Joker gas. The question is did The Joker did this or someone else who frame Joker kill Bane? Those who Bane fans I sorry you lost.


Guard was under the effects of fear gas or it isn’t the real Bane.

Too big a villain to kill off panel.


Even though I don’t believe for a second that he’s actually dead, this should still be marked w/ spoiler warnings/blurs

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