Spoiler Titans:Season 2 thoughts

So I recently posted a season 1 post expressing my disappointment with Dick Grayson’s portrayal. I was told by most that it turns around in season 2, and let me tell you, at least for me that rang true. I loved Dick’s mental journey in prison, and if course his eventual reveal as his Nightwing persona. Donna Troy’s death was a bit quick for me but the reaction by the others to it made it worth it for story building. Deathstroke is atleast for now out of the picture, but Blackfire remains a threat. A closer one now too. I cant wait for season three. others thoughts?

The only thing I was disappointed with was Donna’s death. I honestly think it would’ve meant more if it was by Deathstroke’s hand rather than her being electrocuted.


I seriously agree. I was just like, " a random electrocution?" But it did serve a purpose. You can see Beastboy really feel the blow of a death in the family.


The first half of season 2 was strong, but then they introduced Superboy and pushed a new villain. This caused the second half of the season to become distracted and unfocused. A more streamlined story focusing on Deathstroke and the Titan’s history with him would have worked better, in my opinion.


The finale totally bombed. It almost felt like they wrote Donna off because their contract with the actress ended or something. But it wasn’t just her death. Deathstroke’s arc didn’t quite have the payoff either. They really were trying to do too many things at the same time a bit but it was still pretty good until the finale hit and there’s no payoff for the journey as everything resolves too easily and the emotional impact comes from a complete ass-pull of a scene instead.

I have general misgivings outside the horribly executed finale too. Hank and Dawn’s story, tragic as it is, has also really run it’s course and is getting repetitive like hell. They should do less cheesy expositions, especially with the whole group together. The dinner scene was awkward, as was the Elko scene and neither came across organically at all. The cheesy shots of the team walking down the street together also just looks off (like, that’s not how the titans would roll, you know) … enough that I found myself questioning why I was watching some dumb people put on costumes and pretend to be heroes. It totally broke my immersion.

Crossing my fingers for season 3 I guess. Blackfire plot still has potential. I also have a soft spot for Slade so I hope this isn’t the last we see of him.

As for the good things, the acting still held up for the most part. Jason was downright amazing. Dick, Slade, Gar, Conner were particularly good and although I found it hard to buy this portrayal of Bruce, Ian was solid and I got into it by the end. They didn’t have much left to work with but Hank and Dawn were still good with what they got. Kory wasn’t as good as in S1 but she also didnt have much to work with this season. Rachel felt a little off. Rose was very off at times.


I also found Donna’s death anticlimactic. Both her death, and Aqualad’s death were unnecessary. Titans took its time to develop and introduce its characters. Donna was just beginning to develop and become interesting. Her death served no real purpose.


I agree with a good portion of what you said here @forsakeninfinity.14893 - brutal, but honest. Though Ian is a complete miscast for me. The final episode of Season 1 had a super agile actor portraying Batman and had the best combat I’ve ever seen on screen. I was really looking forward to seeing him in action for Season 2! But then the older actor arrived. He has a strange disposition for Bruce Wayne, blond hair, and an accent. It’s just not believable. I don’t feel that the age difference between him and Dick is quite right either and that doesn’t seem to lend well to the Titans storylines.

I’m looking forward to seeing more Deathstroke as well!

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Agree with the critiques kind of. I agree the story got distracted. And with the death scenes critique. But I actually love that bruce wayne is played by an older man. I feel it’s time we saw Bruce as a distinguished gentleman in live action like, Dick is around the age Bruce was when he was really getting taken serious as the batman. And Bruce’s age should show just that, age. In my humble opinion though.