SPOILER Hawkman 29 End of Series

I have been reading
Since his first
Brave and Bold series
With Fox Kubert Schwartz
In the early.1960s.

Thank you
Everybody involved
With the last issue at DC

It made me cry
But in a good way

Many of
The last pages are summary
But the ending conversation
Is just
Wonderful wonderful
Hawkman with Hawkgirl
For a very very long time

What a great ending
Another group of
Super Heroes
Also created in the
Silver Age
Very much
Like the ending
Of Kingdom Come
(Or looking at it again
Maybe further than the 31th Century since I don’t recognize anybody)

Thank you again
Very well done

I also enjoyed the final issue. Really, the whole series gave me an appreciation for the Hawks that I never had before. The ending kind of reminded me of Johns’ finale on Green Lantern. Similar feels anyway.

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