(Spoileer) Just watched Shazam

Just watched Shazam, and I loved it! It was really funny (before the movie there was a DC universe ad for this app) My fav part was when sivana shot the one sin at Shazam and Shazam said “he has laser eyes? To bad his aim sucks balls”


So far I haven’t heard one negative thing about this movie.


Wonderful to hear you had a great time seeing it, @TheBackbreaker! I can understand why such a funny part would be your favorite :slight_smile:

And I just realized at the bottom of when you make a post you can mark as a spoiler. Whoops

Finally saw the movie!

The adoption and family issues really hit home!

OMG! I thought they were gonna wait until the sequel to do the whole
Shazam family but no, here we are!

So cool!

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I took my 7 year old and we loved it! So amazing lol!!