Special Sweepstakes: Black Manta Spotlight!

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This week we are shining a spotlight on the complicated Aquaman villain David Hyde, AKA Black Manta. Dive into his origins, history, and essential storylines by visiting our Encyclopedia.

Black Manta, created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy, first appeared in Aquaman issue #35 in 1967. However, he did not remove his mask until Adventure Comics #465, 10 years later in 1977.

Black Manta’s character has been steeped in complicated lore from his first appearance. Undergoing a few origin reboots, all have been rooted in pain and suffering that drives Black Manta to do what he thinks is right. His many challenges in life have brought us a definitive character who, while nefarious, is also sympathetic.

We are excited to celebrate Black Manta by offering fans a chance to win a meticulously modeled 12" Polynesian statue. Based on the Aquaman movie, this highly detailed statue is carefully crafted to match likeness to the characters from the film, capturing all the action and thrills from the big screen. This beautiful statue is paired with your very own copy of Aquaman: Black Manta Rising.

Enter now through March 5th for a chance to win!


Awesome! I love Black Manta so much. It was so cool to see him on the big screen.


The statue look awesome, I was thrill to see Black Manta on the big screen. :grinning:


Yeah, his design is so dramatic! It was made for the cinema :smiley: