Sound Quality is Bad on Streaming

Just what the title says. The sound quality is 00s MP3 quality. It’s REALLY bad for 2018.


What are you streaming on? Roku sounds fine.

Roku. If you listen when the sound trails off, you’ll hear the signature tinny hiss of sound compression.

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I’m not hearing it to be honest.

I’m hearing what you are talking about. I’m using Roku as well! Had to get close to my TV to hear it but I’m currently running my A/C which we all know they are never quiet…LOL!!!

I had the issue with Batman Ninja on Roku. Gotham by Gaslight sounded fine.

Any of you with issues using a Westinghouse, Sharp, or Vizio TV by chance? Saw a few topics on the Roku forums where people with similar issues with other apps reported having these brands.

All of my TV’s, Players and such are SONY!

Samsung TV loyalist here.

I will say though that it’s doubtful it’s my TV since I don’t listen to sound through my TV and I don’t have this problem with other things streamed on my Roku.

Well I have too turn the volume up on all vids