Son of Batman

Why does it say Son of Batman is a DC Universe original? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at redbox and it came out before DCU was even a thing

My guess is that it’s because it was direct to DVD, so it’s technically a DC original movie.


Yea, that might more a header for when it was released at the time. I see a lot of the animated movies have similar stuff on their covers.

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In the direct to video animation space, if they are not adapting an existing story (Gotham by Gas Light, Batman Year One, etc) it is a DC Original (which is separate thing from a DCU Original)
Hopefully this provides a bit of clarity.


Yeah, that makes sense but it says “DC UNIVERSE” and it’s the only one with that banner. i would send a screenshot but my home button broke. You can just look and see what I mean though but yeah. I think you’re probably right it’s just a little weird.

Yes but meaning the DC animated universe. Remember, this movie came out LONG before the service was created and the term “DC Universe” was in use before the creation of this service.

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Yeah :stuck_out_tongue: my confusion now is just why wouldn’t they change it slightly to avoid confusion?

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@calebiguess I guess because it’s the cover art and that cover art is everyone it would be a pain to change it.

That being said, I really enjoy this movie. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Damian in the comics, but these movies have helped changed my feelings towards the character.

Yeah, I’ve started Son of Batman but didn’t finish it. I need to finish them sometime soon :stuck_out_tongue: but my day is full cause I’m gonna be busy recording then playing Arkham Knight while I’m watching BMW

I did watch Hush though, and that one was unbelievably disappointing.

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