Something's Missing: The Young Justice Edition

It’s a toughie!
I checked, checked, and tripled checked - There are definitely 20 differences!
You got this!

Cannot wait for Young Justice’s return! SO EXCITED!!

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Oh, you are definitely not alone!
Did you take a stab at the activity?

Gotta make sure we don’t spoil the fun for anyone still hunting!
If you’re interested in having a go at it, check out the instructions listed above and go for it!
Let’s see if you can find all 20!

And the winner is …


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@KittyKatKrawler I had done the activity, but I must have done something wrong in sending it. :confused:

We received quite a few submissions, but only announced the first and second entries!

@KittyKatKrawler Oh, okay, so long as it made it all right. :slight_smile: