Something's Missing: The Young Justice Edition

In the spirit of the new Young Justice season finally gracing us with its presence, here’s a fun activity for you guys to enjoy!

See which one of you can find all 20 differences first!

-Go ahead and download the image.
-Use your tool of choice to circle each difference you find.
-Email your completed image to and be sure to include your handle, so we know who completed it first!

Happy Hunting! :blush:



That worked. Now where do I find one of those drawing tools? I’ve never had a need to use one before.

A mobile drawing tool that is, not PC.

They usually come on the phone. Android or iPhone?

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Android, Samsung.

Try to “edit” the photo and see if your phone has the option to draw on the image.

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Okeydoke. Pardon my technological illiteracy, I never had a reason to draw on a photo before.

Thanks for the help =)

If not, here’s an app that should allow you to do so :

Or just search Photo Editor, by Video Note, LLC, in the Google Play Store.

No worries!
Who does, really? Lol

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At first I thought “Oh, I read Highlights growing up, I got this”, but this is actually really hard!! I’ve only found 12 differences :see_no_evil:

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Yay for Highlights! The last time I went to the doctor, I did read their copy of Highlights, no joke. I’ll pick it up when I get a haircut too.

Anyway, this comment has nothing to do with this thread but I was reminded of Seinfeld when I saw the title of this thread. When George and his parents are having dinner with his fiance Susan and her parents, Frank Costanza inquires into the mating habits of Roosters and such ending with “Something’s missing!” to which Susan’s mother says “Something’s missing alright.” Just an observation that has nothing to do with this thread :wink:


@AppleJack @Vroom
Highlights was where it was at.
You weren’t cool if you weren’t getting Highlights.

Truth be told…Highlights is still where it’s at. :sunglasses:


Also @Vroom XD
Now I will forever think about this reference everytime I look at the title.


Hey @Redd_X, just noting that we removed your post, as you had your answers attached to it; when you get the chance, please go ahead and e-mail them and your forum handle over to us at instead, so we’ll have your entry! :slight_smile:

It makes me so happy to hear you snuck a moment to join the fun, while at work!
… I’m sure your boss wouldn’t be too happy to hear, but we’re happy!

Howeverrr… We had to nix your post because we didn’t want you to ruin the hunt for everyone else!

Email your completed image to the email address listed above, and don’t forget to include your handle in the email!

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The stars do not count as two. So, the hunt is still on! :wink:

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ahh sh*t i must’ve missed that… … thanks @missinkblot and @kittykatkrawler


You’re most welcome, @Redd_X! Best of luck with your entry! :slight_smile:

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Why can’t I watch anything all of sudden, and how can I fix this

Only found 13!

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