Some People Believe Superman Isn’t “Relevant”

you know when I was a teen back then I read Shazam! # 15 this story about Lex Luthor Meet Captain Marvel, I thought Captain Marvel belongs to the Past and Superman belong to the Future.
and after 2000, People start saying, Superman is outdated, and now they say Man of Steel Isn’t “Relevant” anymore. and there Shazam Movie, Games and more. it seems to me People start more interest Shazam/Captain Marvel than Superman.
I realize that Shazam does belong to the future. but sound like they make Superman belong to the Past. they say WB doesn’t know what to do with Superman just as DC doesn’t know what to do with Captain Marvel in 1980s to 2000s
here the link

isn’t that why DC created a new Timeline, 5G, and Jon kent as new Superman?
Superman is still relevant today. Superman is still important Hero, Superman still belongs to the future too and so is Captain Marvel/Shazam, I mean nobody cares about Captain Marvel and everybody cares about Superman back in the 1990s and today seems to me that Everybody cares about Captain Marvel/Shazam and nobody cares about Superman anymore what happens?

I think Superman is fine. Superman will always be relevant. An immigrant striving everyday to maintain his humanity while serving the greater good is relevant. The concept of keeping one’s humility in spite of great power while not abusing said power is relevant. The triumph of good over evil is relevant. Always looking for the peaceful solution and respecting/protecting innocent lives is relevant. These are all traits integral to Superman, and are just as relevant today as they were 80 years ago.

He may be not as popular today as he was 80 years ago. Maybe we live in more cynical times; many scoff at the idea of such an idealistic and powerful character. The way to combat the cynicism is portraying and marketing Superman in a way that is inspirational, that shows Clark as the symbol of hope we Superman fans know he is.

The comic books are currently doing a good job of this. Bendis’ Superman “feels” like Superman (don’t hate me, Bendis naysayers). His books may not be the best selling DC has to offer, but he is powerfully present in and integral to everything from Doomsday Clock, to Event Leviathan to Justice League Doom War…even DCeased. Superman is everywhere in the comics.

In addition to the comics, since the early to mid 90s we’ve had:

  • 3 seasons of Superman The Animated Series.
  • 4 seasons of Lois & Clark.
  • 10 seasons of Smallville.
  • Superman Returns.
  • Man of Steel.
  • BvS.
  • Justice League
  • Numerous animated movies

With the exception of Justice League, all of the above were profitable (I think). All were critically well received with the exception of Justice League and BvS (also, I think). We’re also getting a Superman TV show (hopefully) and 2 more animated Superman movies next year.

Truth is there’s been plenty of Superman going around and plenty yet to come. The big exception is that elusive $1 billion dollar Superman movie that is yet to materialize. In true Superman hopeful fashion, I say…all in good time :slightly_smiling_face:.