Some of your favorite DC Live Action Film Scenes.

I’ve got many but some that come to my mind are…

Axis Chemicals - Batman’89
Batman vs Red Triads - Batman Returns
Bruce’s Therapy - Batman Forever
Alfred and Bruce Talk - Batman & Robin
Arkham Asylum - Batman Begins
Batman/Joker Chase - Dark Knight
Bane vs Batman - Dark Knight Rises

Jor-El guides Kal El - Superman
Superman vs Trio - Superman II
Clark vs Evil Superman - Superman III
There Will Be Peace - Superman IV
Superman Falls - Superman Returns
Superman vs Zod - Man of Steel
Bruce Wayne Meets Clark Kent - BvS
Street Shootout - Suicide Squad
No Man’s Land - Wonder Woman
Final Battle - Justice League


Anybody want to share?

Off hand…

-The fight between Superman and Zod in Man of Steel. That is exactly what a knockdown, dragout fight between Kryptonians in live action should be. Perfect.

-The opening of Batman Forever and the Two-Face attack/car chase from that as well. The way Batman dispatches Two-Face’s goons after he leaps out of the elevator is great. The car chase is fun too and who doesn’t love a Batmobile that can drive up a wall? Fun stuff.

-The opening of Batman & Robin. This is just a fun, dynamic, and kinetic action sequence. Yes, it’s got some cheese with the Freeze one liners (although some of them are great in an unintended way) and Clooney’s dull delivery of “Hi Freeze, I’m Batman.” but I really enjoy it anyway. The skysurfing scene is fun too.

-The scene in Watchmen where Silk Spectre II debuts in her uniform.

-Superman’s Metropolis debut in Superman: The Movie.

-Wonder Woman’s debut in BvS along with the team up of the Trinity against Doomsday.

-any scene with Superman in Justice League.

-Batman trying to get rid of the bomb in Batman: The Movie.

-the sequence from The Dark Knight where Batman pursues the Joker and his goons in the Tumbler and Batpod.

-“General, would you care to step outside?” from Superman II.

-the scene in Superman II where Clark gives the jerk in the diner what he deserves. “I’ve been working out.”

-Wonder Woman and Ares’ battle in Wonder Woman.

-the Suicide Squad’s final stand against the Enchantress and Incubus in Suicide Squad.

-the chase sequence with the Batmobile in Batman. “Get in the car!” “Which one?!”

Good stuff.

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Great picks. @Vroom, I love that Batman Forever opening scene with Two face robing a bank and then the helicopter scene. Underrated!

Batman 66 - tie villains team up and batman tries to get rid of a bomb
Batman 89 - The batwing at the joker’s parade
Batman Returns - tie with catwoman’s suit reveal and penguin hacking the Batmobile
Batman Forever - Dick Grayson punches Batman after fighting gang
Batman & Robin - poison ivy breaks mr. Freeze out of jail

Batman Begins - “does it come in black”
The Dark Knight - when the Joker burns the money
The Dark Knight Rises - the first fight between Batman and Bane

Superman 1 - another tie between the interview where superman uses his x-ray vision to look at lois’s underwear and where he finds lois dead and turns back time.
Superman 2 - zod and the other get free
Superman Returns - tie superman stops the plane and lifts the new kryptonite infused continent

Man of steel - 18 wheeler skewered with logs
BvS - Superman gets his ass kicked
Suicide Squad - team gets their gear
Wonder Woman - the icecream scene
Justice League - during the fight between superman and the rest of the league he can see the flash running

Oh yeah, I forgot about Batman: The Movie. I love the fight scene on top of Penguin’s submarine

I love so many:

Batman first Appearance: Batman 1989

Batman and Vicky Vale drive to the batcave: Batman 1989

Batman Begins: final fight scene

The Dark Knight: Bank robbery, Batman interrogating joker

The dark knight rises: Bruce climbing out of the wall, Batman first appearance: Batman vs bane both fight scenes, and the ending of the movie

BvS: Thomas and Martha’s death, Batman staring at dead Robin, warehouse fight scene.

Justice league: Batman meeting Gordon with Dan elfman theme.

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Mine were all my favorite Batman scenes

The 2nd fight between Bane and Batman is a great scene and moment but I think I prefer the first fight because it’s more dramatic and you know Batman is in trouble while Catwoman is looking on, instantly regretting her betrayal

“I like pink very much Lois.” Can’t believe I forgot that.

Superman - The first night out as Superman flying around Metropolis stopping crime & saving cats out of trees / Superman turning over Lex to the Prison Warden at the end

Superman II - Diner Scene at End with Clark/ Superman tricking Zod at the Fortress and making them human.

Superman III - Superman fighting Clark in Junkyard

Superman IV The Quest for Peace - Clark at gym scene, Superman fighting Nuclear Man

Superman Returns - Superman saving the plane during the ball game, Superman lifting car over head , Superman being stabbed by Lex

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Batman 1989 - Axis Chemicals fight with Jack Napier & Batman, Joker joy buzz frying the mob boss, Joker Museum dance scene, Batmobile chase, Parade scene, & Final fight at top of Cathedral.

Batman Returns - Batman fighting off Penguin’s men at beginning, Batman & Penguin meeting Catwoman after she blows up Shreks department store, Penguin in cemetery scene, Catwoman/ Batman scene where they fight then she lays on top of him and licks him, Catwoman standing as Batsignal shines in sky at end.

Batman Forever - Whole opening scene with Batman & Two Face, Circus Scene & death of Grayson’s, Riddler & Two Face meeting then their first night teaming up montage scene, Batman & Robin in Batwing & Batboat scene.

Batman & Robin - Whole opening scene with Batman & Robin and Mr Freeze, Mr Freeze gazing at his wife in the glass case, whole scene when Ivy & Freeze meet.

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Green Lantern - Opening story telling montage scene, Oa training scene with Kilowog , Tomar Re & Sinestro, Final fight scene with Parallax & the ending scene hinting Sinestro going bad in his Yellow costume.

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I have a soft spot for Batman & Robin scenes like…

Opening action scene
Batman and Robin vs Freeze in his rocket
Bane vs Batman and Robin
Prison Breakout
Bat Family in their vehicles
Batgirl vs Poison Ivy

As a kid, I geeked out! Now as an adult in my 30’s…such a guilty pleasure lol

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Same here lol

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Don’t forget Bane in Batman & Robin when he’s walking around the observatory planting bombs (which just happen to look like ice stalactites; convenient huh?) and he keeps saying “bomb!” as he puts each one on the floor. Cinema at it’s finest.

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Nah I rather keep remembering stuff I actually liked than just keep making fun of it

Oh I just remembered a great little scene from Batman Returns that I really enjoy…

Batman slowly driving around the snowy streets patrolling and thinking about Oswald hiding something!


I have sooo many but 3 that I can think of right off the bat:

  1. Love wonder woman’s entrance in BvS! I remember how great it was at the movies. Everyone in my theater cheered and clapped!!

  2. Also loved Holly Hunter’s last moments in BvS! Senator Finch in front of Superman… her speech deterred at the sight of the jar labeled “Granny’s Peach Tea”

“You can call me whatever you like. Take a bucket of piss and call it Granny’s peach tea. Take a weapon of assassination and call it deterrence. You won’t fool a fly or me. I’m not gonna drink it.”
Such a powerful moment and then Supes realization of how it was all a set up :frowning:

  1. Let’s not forget Joker’s interrogation scene with Batman in The Dark Knight. How he really sees into Batman’s psyche. Making Batman feel so powerless without being violent towards him in that moment. Nearly driving Batman insane. Heath Ledger was the absolute best. R.I.P. :pensive: