Some Easter Eggs From This Week’s Stargirl, “Hourman & Dr. Mid-Nite”

Maybe you guys noticed some movie posters outside the theater before we go in and see The Gambler… Well, I’ve got some good, close-up looks at them, because I designed them for the show!

First up, “The Rita Farr Story”

Next, “A Killer Calls”

And, this is actually from the first episode, but I was waiting to see if we ever see it better before posting it, “The Liberty Files”

There’s one more poster and a few more Easter eggs for the episode, and I’ll post them in the comments below a bit later…


That’s cool! I missed it, thanks


Thank you! That’s fascinating.

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Cool! Thank you for sharing them

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What can you tell us about the names in the small print in “The Rita Farr Story”?

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They’re mostly crew members. The film was produced by Fox-Hibbard International, which is a reference to JSA Creators Gardner Fox and Everett E. Hibbard. “A Kilted Bee Production” is a reference to my last name (McBee) and the rest of the names are various crew members. Off the top of my head, I believe I made myself one of the leads, my wife was the DP, and I have the Set Designer, Art Dept Coordinator, most of the Art Dept, some Set Dec people and a couple of the production office crew on there.

Any time you use a name on something in a movie, the legal department has to clear it to make sure it might not be mistaken with a real person who has not given their permission to use the name. But when you work on a movie, you give the production permission to use your name, so using a bunch of crew member names is usually the most expedient AND it’s a nice way to get someone’s name on screen when they don’t have an on-screen credit (as most people do not on TV).

Though, I have worked on one show in which we were strictly forbidden from using crew names. Weird.


You did an amazing job!!