So who's ready for Arkham Escape

I loved the DC Unscripted pitches. I think there were some amazing ideas and I hope one day DCU does it again.

The idea struck me as really strong, sort of an MXC meets Ninja Warrior meets Wipeout. I am so exc6and I hope we fans to to be contestant, and also celebrity contestants would be cool once in awhile too. So what are you hopes and desires for the show? What are your expectations? What team would you want to be on? Are there any teams that don’t exist that you wish did?

Personally I feel there should be an Anarky and Catwoman squad.

Also I wonder if the contestants are gonna be in the same space at the same time during every event. I want it to pan out more like MXC but I have a feeling it may be more like intellectual Ninja Warrior escape room edition.


Wait, is the competition over?
Have the pilots gone up yet?

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Yes to the first, no to the second

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Oh, too bad.

I’ve heard literally nothing about this. Is there a news article or thread that gives the details of this?

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DC Unscripted pitches, they were framed as DC Daily episodes also so you could find them under either section/category.

Everything important is in episode 2.

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