so is this app still worth having???

So swamp thing is canceled and now doom patrol is this thing worth having still who is gonna cancel?


I speak for the community as a whole when I say:

  1. Doom Patrol just didn’t become a thing, it was a favorite of the community’s before Swamp Thing even aired.

  2. It’s not polite to ask who is going to cancel. That’s like asking people “Who are you voting for?” When waiting in line at the office.

We just want to move on from this and people needlessly keep the issue alive.


Totally! Doom Patrol is a great testament to the quality of shows on this app. Swamp Thing S1 is still coming out, and it’s shaping up to be just as awesome as Doom Patrol. Beyond that, Young Justice: Outsiders is bound to be great (YJ always is). I’m personally most excited for Harley Quinn. That looks like it’s going to be stellar. I don’t know much about Stargirl, but if Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing are any indication of the quality of shows on this app, Stargirl will be great.

And that’s just the original series! There’s also a plethora of animated series’, 22,000+ comics, and an awesome community section. The app is way more than worth it, in my book.


The app is very much worth having. 8 bucks a month for all the stuff on here. If you are a fan of dc you or comics in general it is easily worth it.


The App still has plenty of content for the price and we are still waiting for the Harley Quinn series which in my opinion will be sick :heart_eyes_cat:


True true thanks guys i was having a bit of a crisis there for a sec

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As long as the comics and community are here, I’m a subscriber :+1:t2:


Yep. The community is awesome and Titans s2 comes out later this year.


20,000+ comic books (among many other things) points to “Yes, it’s absolutely worth it.”


Tbh it just needs more video content plus more addition of needed features other than that it’s pretty good. Their original shows are amazing

I’m sorry, but what did you think happened to Doom Patrol?

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I was really hoping for more content in the app. A lot of the mature or offbrand comics are not in the catalog that’s offered. I was hoping to see things from Vetigo, Helix, and even Amalgam. Also, I was expecting more movies available too. How is Wonder Woman or the Nolan Batman trilogy not on here?!! It’s cool to have access to so many comics still, but it’s not covering what I wanted.

The threads are a plus but if things don’t change, I’m not renewing my account when the time comes.

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Canceled Doom Patrol so now I’m canceling this. This app is weak. Waiting for Disney Plus now.

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Doom Patrol is not cancelled. Blogs have been saying ‘Doom Patrol MIGHT be cancelled’, but nobody has any solid evidence to base it on. They’re speculating and hoping that if it happens, they can tell us all that they told us so. The internet then takes this speculation and proposes it as fact. Needless to say, Doom Patrol is NOT cancelled.


Very disappointed. Expected better consider it’s 70 bucks a year

If folks are disappointed with the volume of video content, why certain things aren’t on here and/or want even more originals for $8 a month.

You will never be satisfied with the amount of video content. You don’t want to understand the realities of the streaming business. If you don’t think the service is of value, that’s your decision. You wanna leave, bully for you. There are plenty of people who think the site is value enough for its monthly fee. There are some that took the time to be an informed consumer and looked at what the service offered what it’s promised and what it has committed to deliver and it has given all that and more. We were never promised Krypton, but we got it.

DVU has delivered what it’s promised and more, that ain’t good enough, nothing ever will be.


If you signed up for the service without first doing research about the kinds of content you’d be getting with your subscription, the fault is yours alone and you honestly have no grounds to complain.


It’s a comic book app. Yes it is worth the money. If the original shows get cancelled that sucks . I have really enjoyed Titans, doom patrol, and so far swamp thing. Having some of the animation movies has been lots of fun as well. However those things are extras. This is a comic book app/service and for $8. A month it is well worth the price. My grand hope for this service is that WB/HBO take over all DC movies and series and put them on the WB app. Shows like Linda Carter wonder woman and superman 78 and other classics along with documentary films can stay here for DC fans to learn about the history and origins of DC comics, characters, artists, and writers. DC daily can stay the rest can go. This could be where fans learn about DC and read comics. You want Batman movies? Go to WB/HBO and watch them there.

This service is a great deal! Tons of comics and other content make this good money spent!
I really hope some of you will take a step back and realize whats happening here! You can watch alot of the other content (Batman Animated, other animated shows and movies) whenever you want… and read thousands of comics without paying cover price for each one!

I’m sorry about some of the problems that have come up (Swamp Thing cancellation etc.) but if you take a step back and look at the big picture; this a great app, site, and service.

I’m here for the long haul!!!


This is my first community forum post, but I wanted to say something in support of this app.

It’s absolutely a great app. I use it all the time, and these types of streaming apps are going to become even more prevalent once Disney launches theirs. DC planned to merge this with their comiXology-type app, which they never did, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually became part of a larger Warner Brother’s App. It could just fizzle out in six months or so, but I hope not.

Of course, I’m a huge DC fan, so I’m biased. The app is a little buggie, you have to wait for content, the firestick app took too long, and there isn’t Alexa support yet, but that’s ok. The comics and older stuff fill in the gaps. The shows have been really dark, which is cool, but more variety would be helpful. Putting Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen on here quickly was great, and I hope they do the same for Batman v Ninja Turtles.

Until about a year ago, I would spend $10 - $20 per week on comics. I stopped when my daughter was born, and the stories are so serialized that it’s tough to just dive back in (plus now I have a little one trying to grab the pages). Now, DC is releasing year old comics on here, so I’m picking up right where I left off on a couple series.