So Crash: The Top 5 Queer YOUNG JUSTICE Ships

Always known for its rich characters, Young Justice showcased even more LGBTQA+ protagonists in its third season – including the confirmation of one of the titular team’s founding members in a queer relationship.

In celebration of Pride Month, check out today’s News article as we take a look at both the canonical and fan-fueled, non-canon queer relationships the animated series offers.

What’s your favorite Young Justice ship? Tell us in the comments below!


Zatanna/Artemis :heart::rainbow_flag:


don’t think they’ll do it but if they do bring 13’s girlfriend from the comics into the show nwxt season i can actually see a potentially high posibility of them shipping kid flash and blue beetle hope they don’t ship those characters though


I didn’t not get the sense of blue and kid flash having a thing or KF and Eduardo. Not ever. I’m all for the LGBTQ+ but please don’t make something out of nothing.


ywa i know right

Always nice to see it be organic & not forced like in The Legend of Korra