So am I the only one who doesn't like Vandal Savage as a main villian?

I just finished rewatching Young Justice and while I love the show, the Vandal Savage character just doesn’t move me. I also didn’t enjoy his storyline on Legends or in any comic book that I’ve read featuring him. I felt like they should have “cast” another, more powerful villian in his stead. Thoughts? #stoptryingtomakevandalsavagehappen

Yeah I agree. Ra’s is awesome but Vandal…meh

Vandal Savage is great in the Justice League episode Hereafter.

In the comics, he is a sometime member of the Demon Knights, if it’s suits his purpose or even a whim. Demon Knights was part of the new 52. Other members of the team were , Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon, their lover Madame Xanadu, the female Shining Knight called Sir Ystin, Exotistos, an Amazon who loves Sir Ystin . Horsewoman and Al Jabr, Middle Eastern inventor and tactician.

In both cases, he was not only just the villain. There are other aspects to his personality.

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I don’t like him much. But everything that I didn’t like about the show at the start has changed because the show is soo good.

Demon Knights was a very good book. Slightly underrated too.

As for the topic, I like Savage fine but he varies from Ra’s quite a bit so other than their longstanding mortality, I don’t see much of a comparison. I do think Ra’s is more strategic though.


Shining Knight in Demon Knights was either trans-gender or gender neutral…