Snyder vs Whedon (changes not reviews)

I have been thinking about just how different the 2 versions are and wanted to see what we all can pick out. Not comparing quality just content.
scenes only in Whedon JL (WJL):

  • Batman using the burglar as parademon bait
  • the opening credits scenes
  • Diana helping Bruce remove his armor
  • Diana and Bruce fighting (where he mentions Steve Trevor)
  • Arthur sitting on the lasso
  • aspects of the monument fight (“do you bleed?”, Alfred bringing Lois in)
  • Superman being interviewed by kids
  • anything in red/blue costume
  • the trapped Russian family
  • after the harbor tunnel, Arthur saying “dressed like a bat, I dig it”
  • Cyborg and Superman laughing after splitting the boxes apart
  • Steppenwolf’s end
  • the new life that was growing around the reactor
  • Cyborg spying on Bruce and Diana at the lake
  • Diana calling him out on it
  • a lot of scenes were similar with changed dialogue like Luther and Deathstroke not mentioning the injustice league.
  • the Superman/Flash race

There’s way too much added to list. It’s crazy how much extra they did and how many scenes they must have reshot with slight tweaks. It must have been weird deja vu for the cast and crew.

  • Mera’s accent

That’s really interesting. Now I have only seen the Snyder cut version, and I thought it was great. But it also reminded me of how much the JLA did NOT need Superman, by using teamwork, which was a great story. Batman and Flash characters were great.

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I mentioned this in the Snyder Cut Reaction thread, but there are some Youtube videos (that will hopefully stay up) that address the differences.

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Cool I’ll check it out

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