Smiling After Seeing Joker

Damn. This movie was phenomenal. Best comic book movie I’ve seen recently.

I went in with no idea what to expect. Saw the trailers, still no idea. Avoided the spoilers. What I got was a DC Taxi Driver movie. I got the Scorsese inspiration of it and it worked well.

In this story we have a tale of a man’s descent into chaos. Bullied and abused, sick and sad, Arthur is a victim of his world. We see him break from humble man into something more twisted, but in a sympathetic hue.

I have depression with psychotic features. I’ve been to psych hospitals many times. Been through the system. I could relate with Arthur wanting to get better but failing because of the people he’s surrounded by.

The way the city of Gotham mimics Arthur’s fall is exhilarating. The way the film begins as a near mystery character study to becoming closely tied to Batman. All of it felt natural.

The little jokes made broke some tension, but made one feel uneasy for laughing with Arthur and his ways. The comedic was dark, and I love it dark.

It seemed that only my cousin and I laughed at Thomas Wayne ragging on mask wearing vigilantes.

Side note: I realized tonight that my laughter resembles Joaquin Phoenix Joker’s laughter. The people behind me made fun of it, I overheard.

I definitely recommend Joker, as I feel it is one of the most in depth analysis of a comic book character in the big screen to date.

Then again, the professional critics are saying otherwise and I did like The Kitchen. Hahaha.


You’re not alone! I loved it too, and so did a lot of critics. It depends on which reviews you read.

Perfect example: one of the women who writes for Vanity Fair said Joker was a failure but she praised Captain Marvel. She also said Joker’s nods to past films made it a cheap copy, but in another review she wrote for a Brad Pitt movie, she praised his film for all its nods to past movies because it made the film nostalgic.