Smart Panels

Smart panels, do you use them? Yay or nay, and why?

Nah, the layout of the page, and the way art crosses between them is super important. In order to be able to follow the flow of the page, I keep it full screen. Though, I do zoom in here and there in order to be able to read.

I totally agree with that! I’ve noticed that using the smart panel that I’ve missed things I wouldn’t have reading normally. Mostly with older issues.

This app needs to add full view in entering and leaving a page.

Best of both worlds.


Hopefully they are working on improving the way it works. Right now comixology does a much better job of showing just the right parts of the page.

Vision Deficient here, so yeah, cause it keeps it big enough on a phone for me to see when reading on the go. It does miss some stuff sometimes & that’s sad.

I go in and out. Like DJ’s idea, but manually.

Full page on my tablet, but panel view when reading on my tv. I enjoy both.

I pretty much always do smart panels. I usually read on my phone on the go, so it’s easiest to see. I’ll often go full page mode and zoom in if I know the artist has great layouts or if there’s a page I want to fit into context. The one really great thing about panel mode though is that it gives the comic a sense of timing and flow that is unique to reading on the app.

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Smart view because no matter the screen that print is tiny!

Also when I saw this thread I thought it would be about clever panel transitions. Now I can’t stop thinking about Joker’s commercial:)

I mostly read on my phone and almost always use full view.