Smallville Comics. Yay or Nay?

Okay so I know I’m like ten years late on this one…but I recently finished the Smallville series. I started it when I was a kid, caught up…watched through season seven, and never got around to finishing it until now.

Are the comics worth diving into? If so, why? If not, also why? I just figured I’d ask because there seems to be a fair amount with different arcs. Etc.



The Smallville comics are actually REALLY good! Some of the most underrated Superman content in the 21st century. Bryan Q Miller really explores where he’d have gone from the series finale given no restrictions and an unlimited budget. Would highly recommend to Smallville fans who wanted to see what Tom Welling would finally be like as Superman.


I think the comics are worth it. I enjoyed having more time in the world of Smallville and meeting some DC characters that didn’t appear on the show. I liked getting more time with Clark as Superman. And there’s some fabulous art by Jorge Jimenez, one of my absolute favorite artists.


I always wanted to see Batman/Bruce in the show, thought it would have been so fun but alas it never happened. Then along came Season 11 comics!


Oh it is a DEFINITE yay! You know how most tie-in comics sometimes feel like they’re their own thing rather than capturing the feel of the thing they’re tying into? That’s not a problem here. When you read it, you get new directions for characters, but it always retains the Smallville feel.


Thanks for all the replies everyone…Guess it’s time to rabbit hole into season 11!

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