Smallville and CW TV series

When can we expect to have Smallville TV series and current CW shows (Arrow, Flash, Black Lightning, etc) be available on DC Universe?


I feel like their not gonna stream any shows that are already on Netflix… I mean they might… cuz not everyone has Netflix… but it’s just a gut intuition. Could be totally wrong tho.

I suspect it has to do with whatever contracts or agreements were made with Netflix. DC would either have to come to terms with Netflix to terminate the agreements (which can get complicated, because Netflix knows it would be losing content that attracts viewers and would want something in return) or they will have to wait until they expire before they can start airing those shows on DC Universe.

I was going to ask about Smallville myself until I found out it was on Hulu. Guess I’m stuck watching it there with commercials for now.

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The CW, Netflix deal is ending soon, perhaps tomorrow’s big announcement will deal with it.

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Took care of those duplicate posts for you, @PaulyPoobrain :slight_smile:

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