Sideways and the New Age of Heroes

I’d fallen quite behind on the DC continuity so this ultimate comic library update has been a godsend. One character I’d been really eager to check out was Sideways. I love the Spider-Man like design and teleportation has always been one of my favorite power sets.

I was able to read the first two issues here on DCU and did some googling to see if the series was biweekly or monthly. Lo and behold, I see that DC cancelled Sideways two months ago. That’s…disappointing.

So what’s the status of DC’s New Age of Heroes and the continuity as a whole? What’s sticking and what’s not? The only big event I’ve read recently is Metal so I’d rather avoid spoilers but what should I be looking forward to in the future on DCU?

I believe everything but The Terrifics has been cancelled, I haven’t gotten a chance to get to any of the “New age” stuff but some of it looks interesting.

Sideways & The Terrifics might of been the only series who tried to address the stuff from metal, maybe the unexpected as well. Most of the series have ended. I believe now only Terrifics and The Silencer remain. For my money, Silencer is one of the best DC series out currently and probably my favorite from last year.

Minus Brimstone, I’ve read all of the New Age books and have enjoyed them quite a bit. The Immortal Men is my favorite, but that’s due to Jim Lee’s influence in it.

The Terrifics is alot of fun and The Silencer is a good read too.

Oh hell, just read all of them =)

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