Show Us Your Black Friday Comic Haul

Did you score any good deals on comics today? Book stores, comic stores, digital, any deal is a good deal!

I’ll start. From the DC app I got:
-Action Comics #1000 The Deluxe Edition
-Batman: Night of the Owls
-JSA by Geoff Johns book two
-Sugar & Spike: Metahuman Investigations
-Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes volumes one and two

What’d you get?


Piffel, I forgot two. Wonder Woman by John Byrne books one and two.

Okay, your turn =)


Nice haul! Through comiXology I got:
-JSA by Geoff Johns vol. 1 and 2
-Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J. H. Williams III, along with the solo series volume 1-4
-Sandman by Neil Gaiman vol. 1-5
-JLA by Grant Morrison vol. 4
-Multiversity by Grant Morrison


Last month, I spent hundreds of dollars on DC Graphic Novels on the Nook app., to avoid the randomness and single issues of the Library here, including all the Batman and Superman recommendations made by fans here and communists on the web.

On Friday, I bought the complete Hellboy, all four volumes, that was for sale at Comixology, plus volume ones of the original Thunder Agents and Marvel’s Agents of Atlas.

And at home, I found many of my old comics, including reprints of Simon and Kirby’s Double Life of Private Strong and The Fly, DC Graphic novel of Joe Kubert’s Hawkman and single issues of Jim Aparo’s Spectre, as well as Will Eisner’s the Spirit, published by Warren Publications decades ago. There were in a sense, free, since the payments was long ago. The old Batman and Superman 100 page giants I found are also great, even today, when their characterizations are so different, The editors were selecting from decades of Batman and Superman comics and picked the best, all complete, done in one issue.

There was no New DC because I had New 52 and Rebirth already. Comic Book Roundup Websites tells me what comics I should buy each week.

DC Rebirth brought me many of the best issues I ever read, but I am very concerned about the New ‘Big Names’ now writing the comics, as well as recent plot turns. Justice League is great, but like Dark Metal, I have trouble understanding. Superman, Batman, Titans, Red Hood and Nightwing are books that I no longer read with enthusiasm. Only Batgirl and Supergirl have improved dramatically.

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Columnists on the web, not communists. I blame the spelling corrector. Starfire name comes out as Lori, if I don’t correct it.

Also Nightwing becomes RIghtwing on the Nook app and is a choice in this app.

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The Comixology site still has a buy one, get one free sales. It ends Thanksgiving Sunday. You have to use a code, which is supplied on the front page, to get the savings.

I bought the first two volumes of Wonder Women by John Byrne and Saga of Swamp Thing, plus two DC Art volumes, John Byrne and Mike Mignola.

I got my little cousin #31 Teen Titans go and the first issue of the Marvel kids comic MEvel Superheroes. I got Tank Girl :heart:

Just picked up my DC weekly pull for the week which were

Justice League #12
Aquaman #42
Batman #59

Bought 2 trades since my LCS had 25% off all of them so I bought Gideon Falls Vol 1 and Immortal Hulk Vol 1 as well!