Show Off Your DC Blanket

It’s still cold so show off that DC blanket. That keeps you warm and protects you like a force field!


Nice. Currently my regular blanket leaves much to be desired.

Trinity blanket


@Pow-Pow that’s a lot of Girl Power rock on :metal:

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Hey @Behemoth it’s ok share if you want to no judgement here buddy


Um, it’s not a DC blanket. Currently it looks like an old lady’s blanket. That’s why I said I leaves much to be desired.

Is that Superman blanket from the World’s Finest Collection box? If not, can you please share where you purchased it?

Very nice… looks like Supes’ cape!

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That is indeed the World’s Finest cape blanket. Very cozy :grin:

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Yeah @moro it is from the worlds finest and I absolutely love it drives my wife crazy!

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It’s ok you don’t need a blanket to be cool we got you !