Should Watchman have been incorporated into the main DC Universe?

Since I have been hearing about Doomsday Clock and how Watchman characters are now being included in impacting the DC Universe, I was wondering what your thoughts were in this. Is this storyline creating some exciting opportunities or should this have been left separate and untouched?


Read Doomsday clock

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That’s all I can say seeing Rorshack and bats together is awesome

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@Justme I will probably read when it goes into trades, but I have been hearing good things. I just know at least Alan Moore did not like further adaptation of this story and was wondering if they could be separate. But Rorschach meeting Batman sounds cool

Alan Moore hates everything.

Doomsday clock is pretty meh tho.

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Although I’m enjoying the story, The Watchmen’s entry in to the DC Universe is a major failure. When we were first teased the story at the launch of The New 52 it looked promising, but years later it it lost its steam. Does the Batman/Flash: The Button even fit in anymore to the story? For a long time it looked like Mister Oz in Superman was going to be Doctor Manhattan or Ozymandias, but that never happened. Let’s just make this a good ElseWorlds story and move on.

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The whole Doomsday Clock story is fantastic! Johns expertly incorporates the Watchmen characters into the DCU.


I agree, Doomsday Clock has been good so far. It dragged a bit early on, but the last two issues were great.

I thought it was but on it’s on earth.

Personally, I would rather see the Charlton Action Heroes – the characters who inspired the Watchmen characters – used more frequently within the DCU.



I’m enjoying Doomsday Clock a lot, but i don’t think Watchmen characters should be a permanent addition to the DC Universe.


@Outside2Infinity I enjoyed Blue Beetle when he was used in the comics and wished he was used more. The Question in the 52 series was also very good.

I think separate, I love the fact that the watchmen exist separate from the main dcu. There like a band of bad ass gang members. They have no problems extensively beating up wrongdoers. Idk if that would fit well with the main, justice not killing theme established in “most” of the main dcu.

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Just read a synopsis, and no.

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It doesn’t bother me if they do it every once in a while so long as characters like roschach arent teaming up with characters like Batman every other issues

I think Doomsday Clock should be a one time thing. The series is fantastic, but overuse of the Watchmen characters would dilute it.

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Personally I’d have advised against it. I see Watchmen as too special on its own to combine with the DC Universe.


I don’t view Watchmen as the sacred cow that a lot of people do, but I still see no reason for them to cross over with the DCU. Watchmen worked as good as it did because it didn’t use established characters, and no sequel or tie-in is really necessary. That said, I’m not angry about it or anything. I respect Watchmen but it’s far from my favorite comic. In any case, Doomsday Clock hasn’t been that good, and I don’t really understand why it had to exist, but that’s less about the concept and more about the execution.

I’m not down with anything that screws over Alan Moore. He may be a curmudgeon, but you made a deal to give him his creations back and have been backing out ever since.

If DC had let Moore use the Charlton characters like he wanted then they could do as they wish.

Doomsday clock is just a repackaged Before Watchmen to keep the characters in print.

I think you misunderstand that contract. Alan Moore agreed that DC would own the rights to Watchmen so long as Watchmen was in print, so DC has kept a paperback of Watchmen on the shelf of every bookstore on earth since then. It’s shifty, for sure, but they’re not “backing out”.