Should Titans add more episodes

Okay guys, with the obvious let down of season 2, I pose this question. Should the writers of Titans extend season three to 15 or 16 episodes? There were a lot of great moments this season, but I feel like there were equally as bad of not more moments this season. Would the show improve with more episodes? Is there a underlying story development that is missing from the episodes? What do you think and where can they improve.


I sincerely doubt the season would improve with more episodes. I can’t say that with certainty considering all the story potential they have now that the Titans have officially reformed, but it seems to me that more episodes = greater number of subplots that can be opened up needlessly. I mean, look at how season 2 turned out. They spend a good chunk of the season unwrapping the Slade/Jericho plot, just for Slade to get killed within the first twelve minutes of the finale. Hank and Dawn went through a whole rollercoaster of emotions, just to end up basically where they were when the first generation of Titans split up. The Cadmus plot felt shoehorned in at the start, and despite that I feel like it took up more of the finale. And of course, there was all the senseless teasing of Blackfire ruling over Tameran while Kory is hopelessly stranded on Earth. I could go on, but the point I’m trying to make is this: the pacing of the season is all messed up, and I doubt it would’ve been improved with more episodes.

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I think that DC just needs to clean up all, and I mean ALL, of their thousands of little subplots and character arch’s and create a story and group that people can relate to. Maybe a Titans/Doom Patrol team up would be something, but only because of the very different feelings and themes of the shows. While Titans is dark and gritty, Doom Patrol is funny and entertaining, so it would be something to see the two types of characters interact with each other.
The point I’m trying to make is that Doom Patrol, in my opinion, was able to accomplish the one thing Titans never could… Captivate and appeal. With Titans, every character is the same: Screwed up, depressed, and flat. Even when Dick Grayson changes and tries to connect with the other Titans and forgive himself for Jerichos death, it still doesn’t feel like he has really changed.
In contrast, Robot Man in Doom Patrol is completely different: while he is Depressed, and very very screwed up, the writers throughout the entire season do a great job at showing that he is wanting to change but just doesn’t have any idea how to, until Crazy Jane comes along and he sees his daughter in her. The entire season shows how the band of screw ups who are “The Doom Patrol” change and adapt in their effort to become better people, and the audience is able to see those changes throughout their season. The audience is able to relate and emphasize with the characters in such a way, and I feel like Titans never really was able to properly do that with this second season.

I would personally enjoy a few episodes away from the main arc of the season thrown in. Mix in a separate villain for the week once or twice. Along the lines of a stand alone episode with just a minor connection to the main arc if any.

Going up against Blackfire, for example as the main arc; but once or twice something a bit less major comes up and we can see how our beloved heroes react and hone their skills / teamwork. Hopefully a bit of a light and fun adventure thrown in along the overarching, more serious ride.

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Definitely needs 15 or 16. They really suffered. The show is more than just action and it has a lot of brilliant stuff going for it. More episodes gives them more wiggle room to do justice to the story arcs they build up. They have a great balance between action and script and that’s why they’d do even better with 15 or 16. We could have had the Deathstroke fight, carnival fight, Donnas death, aftermath, all stretched over 3 episodes to resolve each of those things separately and patiently. 15 or 16 episodes would be perfect. Doom Patrol got 15. Not sure why Titans shouldn’t