Should the Suicide Squad be forced to wear uniforms?

Basically the title. I’m watching Assault on Arkham and this just occurred to me. Task foce x is a top secret task force. These guys are meant to be like vanta black ops right? Why does Waller make the convicts wear their colorful costumes? Shouldn’t it be obvious that these criminals aren’t breaking out of prison and infiltrating places at random? If the idea is dont get seen at all, then why not make them less recognizable as extremely notorious individuals.


I don’t know about in Assault on Arkham, but in the original series, part of their cover story was pretending the missions were normal supervillain attacks and not instigated by the government. Putting them in uniform would sort of defeat the point.


What @JeepersItsTheJamags said plus. Waller knows their some of the best in the biz. Just like the bombs in the neck, it’s probably another precaution to them trying to escape while on duty. Plus, Waller doesn’t care if they get caught b/c she’ll just deny everything anyways. This way she can spot em easy & deny all accusations if they get caught.


Also, some of the Squad members rely on their normal outfits for protection, storing weapons, stealth, etc. Forcing them to wear the same uniform could take away from any advantage their costumes provide them. Even if they don’t have any overt benefit, the Squad members are probably just more comfortable in their usual costumes and can thus do their jobs more effectively


She doesn’t make them ware their costumes I think she gave them back their gear because it’s a higher chance they are going to complete their mission and they are more comfortable using them killer croc his skill is the brute force and strong bite and Harley Quinn is just a nut job but her photographic memory is outstanding dead shot is his opticals and wrist guns and boomer is his ausie self boomerangs so she thought it would help but backfired