Should the DCU be still so connected with our universe?

I remember watching a video a while ago discussing the difference between Marvel and DC. The guy explained that DC is more of a alternate universe than Marvel. Explaining how DC puts heroes in fictional cities most of the time. He goes on to say that he finds it weird how the comics reference real world stuff even though their world is vastly different and specific events wouldn’t have happened the same way. He explains how interesting it was that Bush lost the 2000 election and Lex became president. And then after he was impeached there were other presidents. But then the comics went right back to Pres Obama and Pres trump. My question for you guys is, “Should DC embrace the fiction and separate itself more from real world continuity or should it keep making references?”. Like should New York and San Francisco be replaced with Gotham and coast city? Have different presidents? Etc


Embrace the fiction. I agree with you. In civil war, the real world events seem much more plausible than dc. I find it unrealistic that Reagan was in the dark knight returns

Yeah, I think it wouldn’t matter much and also make things more interesting. They do it with like products and stuff, like Taco Bell being Taco Whiz, or Coca-Cola being Soder Cola, etc. I think it would add to the escapism tbh

Dark knight returns was set in the 80s. So it made sense to me.

@dhppyfeet, Yeah but it feels weird that Reagan is in that world. We don’t know what Reagan would have done in that storyline

What’s should you change in our world to improve the DC world? I would change a lot about how WW2 went down tbh

Yeah I agree. World War One is fine but I would change WWII. Keep Cold War.

Not getting rid of, just changing events and figures in power. Characters like Srgt Rock and the Black Hawks, not even mentioning Golden age characters in the JSA. So much would be different. It would be a real diverging point in US And DC history