Should the DCEU reboot?

So with Henry Cavill possibly out as Superman, I’ve seen a lot of people calling for a full-on reboot. They’re already experimenting with elseworld stories like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.
While I don’t want them to full-on reboot, maybe using Crisis or Flashpoint could be a good way to soft reset everything.

Would you want them to reboot?

I don’t think a arbitrary movie just to reboot is necessary, just cast new actors, use different writers/directors and have stricter editorial.

I think there is merit to doing more self contained scripts for DC. Since the universe is not going to plan.

I’m unsure about that

Yes. It’s been very bad so far, stop punishing us fans.

You can reboot it there only been 2 good movies so far that ww and man of steel. Hopefully aquaman kicks ass and shazam but if those 2 crash a burn yes reboot it.

I really don’t think the DCEU needs to Reboot. What the last director did was really good. Man of Steel was good and BvS was excellent until the last section of the movie and “Martha”. The Batman we are getting from Affleck is very good and what we need as fans. Henry Cavill is Superman, enough said. Wonder Woman is awesome and had the best entrances for a Female lead in comic book movie history. What we don’t need is corporate WB meddling in a directors creativity. BvS was a two part movie except someone in WB wanted to rush everything and that’s why the ending makes no sense and don’t get me started with the Justice League movie. I will never buy that movie. I’m anticipating that Aquaman will not disappoint this November and Shazaam will blow us away with relevant monikers and good old good verse evil with magic. Please DCEU make a Cyborg movie because the actor is excellent and there is a lot you can do with his stories while including the Titans.

No, move forward.

Get someone who looks like Superman/ Batman and no one is going to be confused. No one was confusion when Val took over for Michael in Batman Forever. Treat the characters like Bond and keep moving forward.