Should Donna Troy Have Her Own Series?

Donna Troy is one of my all-time favorites in the DC Universe, and I’ve been wondering if fans want to see a new series starring her. She hasn’t captained a series since, if I’m correct, the days leading up to Infinite Crisis, where Donna Troy’s resurrection occurred in a four-issue mini-series that also introduced the DC Spinner Logo, which considering the times and where she’s at now, should be seen as big deal considering they could’ve waited till Infinite Crisis itself to introduce the new logo.

Since Phil Jimenez’s run on Wonder Woman featured Donna Troy in a more prominent role, she’s been relegated to Titan-related material or minor roles in Wonder Woman stories; given she was a founding member and no doubt the tv series, I’ve wanted to see her have herself an ongoing series as I feel strongly she can earn her rightful place in the DCU. Much like how Tom Taylor’s run on Nightwing has done.

Yes, her messy origin is one of the factors for this lack of total usage, but given a post-Hickman Moria MacTaggart retcon about reincarnation and the infinite frontier’s everything is canon mentality, I think DC should take a risk and make a new status quo for Donna Troy.

But the question remains, who would write/draw her series and what would be a proper way to reintroduce fans to Troia in mainstream comics?


Your question is ambiguous with multiple meanings.

Do you mean will it succeed? I think the answer is no. I am unaware of any recent TV or movie version giving her a popularity boost, Yara Flor and Cassie are at least for now more popular to my knowledge, and the most casual fans do not think of her as a member of the Teen Titans since they think it only has five members. The only time outside of the internet people talked about her is a 60ish year old comic fan looked through some pictures and asked who she was. He was uninterested when I gave a general description.

Do you mean would I financially support it? I think this is what you mean. No, but I am much more finnicky with my money than most people here, and I am not a huge Wonder Woman fan in the first place.

Do you just mean who my dream creative team is? Donna is known for a messy backstory, and Robert Venditti has great success on dealing with that, so I think he is the ideal writer. For penciler nobody comes to mind.

Good for you. I think it will take something boosting her popularity first to get your dream, but it might happen, similar to when I heard they announced the Stargirl series.

Before taylor’s run I checked some polls. Dick consistently came in 3rd or 4th, so he already had it.

That is a huge risk of alienating key pieces of the target audience. I just think financially this is way too high risk, especially without a writer who can somehow merge everything (again like Robert Venditti).


Thanks for answering. Sorry for the unintentional ambiguous writing. I was mainly thinking from a creative standpoint because I have no idea finance-wise, but DC has been publishing more obscure titles like DUO and such, and I would like a few more risk-taking books.


I would like to see more of Donna Troy in general but I don’t think it will be a ongoing. If dc comics is still doing backups by the end of infinite frontier then perhaps we will see Donna Troy there.

While I definitely perfer the Marv Wolfman origin rather than the clone of Wonder-woman
I do hope they just sacrifice linearity and go for multiversal anonymity.


I would love to see Donna have her own series. I’d love it even more if we could get another Fraction/Wu teamup for it in the same manner they handled Kate Bishop’s storyline in his 2012 Hawkeye run — I feel like he could capture Donna’s voice well, and Annie Wu always just has great interpretations of characters in her style. (Like Black Canary. Wheeeeeeeew.)


I’d love to see a series focusing on Donna. It seems like she hasn’t been on solid ground for a long while. As for creative teams, I’d be interested in seeing what G. Willow Wilson would do with her. Maybe someone like Sara Pichelli on art?


I agree to that one and I just wanna say that G willow Wilson is oddly on fire with these dc books as of late.

I’m so used to her Ms. Marvel and Wonder-woman run that I’m surprised how dark she can get with Poison Ivy.


I would certainly enjoy reading a Donna Troy series. I only read comics on the apps so I would not be able to provide a financial incentive for it. I definitely prefer her original origin to her being a clone of Diana.


I think she should or a miniseries to start like what they’re doing with Poison Ivy right now


I would live for a solo title for Donna. Imagine her life as a photographer, maybe traveling the world Nat Geo style and bumping into villains along the way. I am a huge fan of hers. My favorite origin is her being a mirror image of Diana and that she has been taken over time again and again by Dark Angel who thought it was Diana that she was taking. It explains better the overall disconnect that has happened between the two over the years. I believe there are some interesting people that could even be villains. I have one in mind since now all stories are true for these characters. I would start with a mini though to build up the character more. They had the most momentum going for the character around Infinite Crisis but they didn’t utilize it correctly. Also the 4 issue was very convoluted and added steess to her origin. There needs to be a streamlined version and them stick with it. A mini written now for her could do that. I would buy it as a mini, not sure I would ongoing until they build her as a character. They have some momentum with her appearing in Titans, but that is limited. Have her show up more in WW and Titans for a bit and build her up before doing the mini and I think it would be great. I wish they would do this, but they haven’t really focused that well on their not A-list characters for awhile in my opinion. I have an entire idea for a mini that I would pitch seriously for Donna.


We don’t really know how a Donna Troy solo would do… because she’s never really had a solo before. (“The Return of Donna Troy” doesn’t count.) I’d love to see her get a shot, with the right creative team. I really love what Dan Abnett was doing with her in the 2016 Titans series, and I feel like developing his “Troia” concept would be a good direction to take this.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Have I said yes yet?


I mean, I’d give it a shot, especially if they had a baller creative team attached to it.

Right now, I think the best way to do it would be to do something similar to Batgirls and have a Wonder Girls book with Donna, Cassie, and Yara having adventures together.


I’d buy that in a heartbeat! At this point I can’t really see Donna anchoring her own series. But who knows with right creative team anything is possible. Love to see more of her in any capacity though.


Likewise. The day Donna Troy: Titan of Wonder hits the stands will be a day long-remembered.

I didn’t read very much of that Hawkeye series, but I do love me some Matt Fraction, so having him on a DC book would be most welcome, especially if Donna is the star of the whole shebang.

That would indeed be quite wonderful.

As for the topic at-hand, hot damn Donna should have her own ongoing!

Be it a solo gig, or something like @Jay_Kay’s Wonder Girls idea, Donna should, nay, must have her own ongoing title, and the sooner, the better.


For my own two cents, im not sure id necessarily wanna jump into giving Donna her own series right away. Frankly not alot of attention exists for her, and the character has been cursed with a confusing nature for ages due to DCs needless obsession with flip flopping between her origins and even trying to retcon away any connection to the Wonder family in the first place.

Instead, id wanna see a mini series or an OGN about Donna that explores a definitive origin for the character. Not some silly ‘who is Donna Troy, bada bing bada boom new origin time~’ I mean something that will actually be built in the story and work to inform who the character actually is, what her deal is, and why people should have to care about her.

If that does well then perhaps it could function as an anchor to give the character something definitive for people to point at in the sea of comic book retcons as a defining thing for the hero.
No ‘oh theres this origin which was canon for two years before it got retconned that she was kidnapped by titans, which was then five years later retconned to establish she was kidnapped by Dank Angel and got rebooted one million times before being killed off and replaced by the personification Wally Wests memories of Donna Troy, though theres also the six origins after THAT origin~’ mess which only serves to further alienate


Short answer: yes. Love Donna!


They’ve been handing out a lot of mini series lately. Let Josie Cambell and Doc Shaner take a stab at her once they’re done with Mary Marvel. I’d pick it up.




@Vroom :face_with_monocle: This is factual. I’d definitely check it out. Even if it’s a mini for now.

And just gonna leave this here…because Sejic.