Sho Murase Harley Quinn

I was just notified yesterday that the Shomoo Harley sculpt was canceled any true to that?

Idk. I bought one around thanksgiving at a comic shop in florida, but I haven’t seen one since.

now i’m curious. any mods around to confirm this???

I can’t say for any kind of certainty, but it looks like the holiday variant is out in the wild. They might be ending future production.

This piece was limited to 3000, however, we have no confirmation of cancelation or selling out at this time. Please allow us to look into this for you and we will let you guys know.

Loving Sho’s line. I only have one of them. If I had a bigger apartment I would have loved to fill a whole shelf with them.

I hope Harley is still around and that we get even more from Sho.

I got my gold Batgirl by Sho today, it’s so beautiful :slight_smile: