Shazam WHIZ COMICS on DC Universe

The Shazam film is now out & I have read quite a bit of his books, some in trade form and others on here, but where are the WHIZ Comics era? I know Fawcett Comics published those but DC Comics owns those now, so what the heck is up with that? I’m hoping they bring those on here as they put more on here. And yes I know there is a suggestion list, but now they send you an email with the same answer, so its obviously a response they send automatically


I am just guessing but Whiz comics is not on Comixology so that leads me to think it isn’t in the digital library at least not yet. Won’t speculate as to why as obviously I couldn’t begin to guess what goes on behind the scenes with those kinds of decisions. But seems unlikely they will be on right away.


Whiz comics are in the public domain. You can read those for free if you want to check out scans of it.

The public domain versions available on the internet vary greatly in quality.

Rex, That’s true. But, it’s a good way to read old Captain Marvel.

Any links? After seeing Shazam I’d love to read the originals. I hope they digitize and add them here.

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Digital comics museum, all downloadable, free, awesome, etc

So I’m still a bit confused. Does DC own the characters only or do they also own the issues themselves and if they wanted to could digitize and restore them to sell on Comixology and add to the library here?

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They’re in the public domain so they don’t own them as such but they should be able to publish them just like everybody else. Indeed several of the old Fawcett stories have been restored for publication in compilation volumes like the Golden Age Shazam Archive, Shazam the Greatest Stories Ever Told and most recently Shazam A 75 Year Celebration (the last of which is available for purchase through ComiXology but won’t appear here due to the no trade policy). There’s also been talk over the years of publishing the complete Monter Society of Evil storyline but that always falls apart at the last minute for a variety of reasons.


Oh I would love that. Are all of Fawcett’s comics in public domain including Mary Marvel, and Hoppy, etc? I really wish the individual issues would be added here if some have already been restored.

Apparently they aren’t all considered public domain anymore. Click the link and then scroll down to “Whiz Comics”.

I’ll quote it here:

“Warner Brothers (current owners of Fawcett copyrights) legal representation has informed us several Fawcett books on DCM were in fact not in the public domain and must come down.
The following issues are not allowed on the site:
3-6, 64-98, 105-118, 130-153 and 155”

I know that DC actually republished Whiz Comics #2 in the Famous First Edition tabloid format in the 70’s, and if WB Legal is sending C&D orders they must own and have renewed the rights to the listed issues.

I think it just comes down to not that many people want to read golden age books (they should, they’re great!) so they haven’t been digitized yet. I would expect them to be at some point though.

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But if some of the issue have already been restored for the trades, I do hope they’re added here soon.

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