Shazam similarities

We often read comic books about heroes or characters we can relate to. Billy Batson was faced with a burden of responsibility when he became SHAZAM. I was 11 when my dad passed away. I am adopted and my dad was 54 when he died of a massive heart attack, leaving me to take care of my mother and take on responsibilities. There was some pressure involved. I am sure that many of us have had similar situations. What comic book character can you relate to? Did you ever face such burdens at a younger age? And do you think kids in this day and age have similar issues?


@b.batson that’s a really sad story. I’m really sorry you went through that. Thank you for opening up about it. I also love Shazam, he’s one of my dc favorite characters, but I’m not sure I can relate to much to him. I guess the character I can relate most to is Wally West. He’s a guy who is always up beat, and is trying to do the right thing even if everything around him is crumbling down.

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Point is he stayed strong! :slight_smile:

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We all have a comic book character we can relate to!

I’m sorry for what you went through, and I’m grateful that comics were able to see you through.

I related to Captain Marvel when I was a kid because sometimes I felt like I was secretly a grown-up disguised as a child. But the character I most identified with later in life was The Question, who tirelessly pursued connections between all things, and who was always reinventing himself and allowing his personal philosophy to grow.


I relate best to Doomsday. It was like reading a biography.

Honest answer- Stargirl despite being a 24 year old man with a loving biological father. We are both deontologist who do a lot of activities with a consequentialist dad making us very close despite our feuds.

For Dad he would want me to say he is most like Aquaman, but I find him most similar to Hawkman.

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I’ve learned that I love Nightwing because of his constant struggle for independence - a life of his own behind the mask away from Batman, has an abusive adoptive father which reminds of a lot of the things I’ve went through in my family, and in spite of everything he’s been through he refuses to let it break him, he pushes through, keeps moving forward, and it doesn’t change his upbeat, caring, trusting nature. He also finds a new, more stable family in the Titans like I find with my friends. It’s even a little weird when I struggle to leave my toxic family and watching Nightwing now be used as a side character in the Batfam after a short period of time in the late 90s when he was independent. He got a little bit farther and then everything changed and he’s right back where he started. I think that’s why I go so hard for him to just give everyone a “■■■■ you, ■■■■ you, ■■■■ you, you’re cool, ■■■■ you, I’m out” moment cuz Ik how it feels.

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That is very interesting!