Shazam Foster Family Spoilers

Did anyone else think that was the strongest part of the film? The way they wrote the family and interactions with each other was just done so well.

First you have Freddy who tries to hide his emotional pain of being disabled with jokes and comedy. Which makes it even more great when he gets powers.

Next is Darla who is just adorable and is the most childlike of the family given her age. The actress who plays the adult super hero version of her is perfect because of how well she captured the way she was originally.

Eugene the Asian gamer is great from his first appearance when he is so into his game that he loses track of time. His super hero adult version using his lighting powers and screaming out haduken was fun.

Pedro was the weakest link since we never got any insight of what his character was like because he only got a few lines.

Mary being excited about getting into her college but also sad because she doesn’t want to leave her foster family was heartwarming.

Victor the foster father had an air around him as a loveable teddy bear but could be a strict parental figure when you messed up.

Those are just my thoughts on how the foster family was written. Anyone else have opinions on how they were handled?


I liked the foster family and wished we got to see more of the group.

In the comics and the novelization of the movie, Mary has a bigger role. She’s more active as she steps in to defend Freddy against the bullies at school (though it pretty much plays out like the movie), she catches Billy trying to sneak out and convinces him to stay the first night after stealing his wallet (hoping for a deleted scene), and she has a bigger/more powerful presence in the final battle. I think Freddy and Billy’s fight could have been built up a bit more, but overall Freddy had a great presence that tied the ‘Billies’ together. Darla was cute and fun in both forms. We saw less of Eugene and Pedro, but I liked how their actions directly led to Billy meeting his birth mother.

The Shazam Family scenes were great and a real highlight of a great movie already full of highlights.

I adored the Shazam Family.

Rewrite: I adored the Shazam movie.