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My watch strap arrived safely from Kyiv ( :ukraine: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:) yesterday.

I had to make some adjustments before the pocket watch would fit inside. The diameter for the watch face was correct, but as this isn’t made for a specific model there are various attributes of the watch that don’t work for it. First I connected the openings at the top so there would be more give and also be enough room to fit the crown (top part) of the pocket watch. Cutting through leather is not something I’ve ever tried before, but it was possible with an exacto knife and some patience.

Unfortunately it still was not possible to fit the watch in there properly, so I had to take the strap apart a little bit. I used my seam ripper to pull apart the stitching on the right side (I also had to pull apart the glue). Then after I had the watch fitting properly inside, I sewed it back together. It doesn’t look as nice on the right edge now, but I’m probably the only one who notices it.

So the watch will not be removable without taking the strap apart again, but this doesn’t matter to me because a) the watch doesn’t work anyway and b) my entire purpose was to create a replica of Steve’s watch for display. I’m happy with it. It will go in a case or maybe one day be worked into a cosplay. (Not on my wrist though. Either Chris Pine has the largest wrists imaginable or the model in the movie was actually quite a bit smaller than this one. It’s huge and also quite heavy.)


Looks great! Nice that you were able to figure out how to make a replica.

Who knows what project might grab you next? :grin:


This is amazing work @Angel212! Very cool! :smiley:



Btw, friends! Slowly but surely, I’ll get more pics in here, I promise, but I have this one handy right this minute! :wondersquadron1: :black_heart:


What manner of Diana is this?! (Like, is she from a certain story or comic arc?) That arm guard is just :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


It’s from The Art of War collection. That one is Cliff Chiang. The armor is totally what sold me too. :star_struck::black_heart:


So cool! :star_struck: The armor reminds me of her amazing look in the Smallville comic:

Bonus panel no one but me asked for of Diana glomping Steve:


Whoa! That’s an incredible collection!


Thank you! I guess it’s good to have a hobby. :smile: