Shadows of the Bat: Mariko Tamaki Previews the Upcoming Bat-Event

“Fear State” may be reaching its end, but no matter what happens with the Scarecrow and Simon Saint’s oppressive Magistrate, when you’re talking about Gotham, there’s always a new terror hiding in the shadows.

Which brings us to “Shadows of the Bat,” a massive new 12-issue weekly Detective Comics event that kicks off in January and shines a big, bat-shaped spotlight on one of Gotham’s darkest corners—Arkham. However, Arkham is no longer just a simple asylum, it’s been upgraded and reimagined into a cutting edge, artfully designed new tower overseen by an enigmatic new personality known as Dr. Wear. The Bat-Family suspects that all is not as it seems with this new project and that Dr. Wear may have other more sinister plans, but learning what those are will require them to infiltrate Arkham’s frightening new complex…and to do it largely without the aid of the person who trained and molded them into the heroes they are.

“Shadows of the Bat” will catapult Detective Comics to new levels of action, mystery and suspense, while bringing some of the Bat-Family’s supporting heroes to the forefront. And did we mention that this week’s Detective Comics 2021 Annual helps set the whole thing up? With that in mind, we thought it was the ideal time to sit down with “Shadows of the Bat” writer Mariko Tamaki for a free-ranging discussion about what we can expect from her biggest and most ambitious DC storyline to date, which heroes will be taking a leading role and just how suspicious we should be of this oddly named new doctor. (Is he even really a doctor?!?)

To read the interview with Mariko Tamaki, head over to DC Comics!

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I’ve been hoping they’ll start actually giving us something about Shadows of the Bat soon, and this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for - Die Hard plus Grifters plus Bats - exactly the kind of elevator pitch that can get me excited! Plus, Huntress being featured, and Spoiler - always a huge plus for me! The covers by Irvin Rodriguez look truly amazing, and the variants are also wonderful! RIP fans wallets for three months!


This should be interesting. I just started on reading Detective comics annual.


Those covers stand out so much, in a good way.


Just finished the anual and i am Kinda hoping we will finally have a definitive Red Hood meeting the Huntress moment as these guys still have not really had a definitive meeting outside DC 1000 or 1027.
also noticed they brought in a character from batman forever. Chase Meridian
side note: I just realized a year in real time has passed since batman vol 3 101 hopefully that year is up in the comics too and we can get some BatCat action crossover in batman and catwoman.