Sexiest cover ever, I’ll tell you my favorite and you can tell me your favorite.

Catwoman (1993-)#18, I see it and still say wow after all these years. What is your favorite?


JSA Classified #1 variant cover by Adam Hughes.

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Power Girl #1 by Adam Hughes.

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I was always was fascinated by Detective Comics #647-649. The poses, the style, the lighting! Just had this retro noir vibe that was palpable and moving. Even when I was a young child I could appreciate the art.

Most anything from Gotham City Sirens. Never read Catwoman, but looks like it was probably the same artist.

The Rifleman #10, Superman Earth One (vol 3)

Batgirl #32 by Alex Garner of the New 52.

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The Harley Quinn variant for Heroes in Crisis #1.

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