Set The Mood: Comic Book Day Edition


Heya! Back at it again just a couple days after National Comic Book Day. To kick things off this week, I’m tossing out a simple prompt: Set The Mood to YOUR FAVORITE COMIC BOOK SERIES.

For me, the answer’s pretty obvious. My heart belongs to Milestone Returns’ Static: Season One. My Pinterest moodboard this week focuses on some universal elements from the story thus far, stemming from the toxic birth of the Bang Babies to the way Virgil’s newfound powers slowly start disrupting his young, teenage life. I put those same visuals in a full graphic too.


Hold up, Static. What the heck is a moodboard?
Putting it simply, moodboards are a series of graphics that are used as a way of capturing the atmosphere surrounding a particular subject to briefly immerse the viewer into the “mood” of said subject. Kind of like collages! Which is why there’s no right or wrong way to make one. You could make one entirely out of relevant quotes, or organize one by a certain color palette, or just fill it up with pics of things that represent the subject point-blank. It’s your board!

How do I make a moodboard? How do I post it here?
Personally, I find the easiest way to make moodboards is through Pinterest. For those who aren’t familiar with the site, it’s a hub for images/videos that can be added to “boards” you create based on personal interests or whatever you’re particularly searching for. Many people use it for the sole purpose of creating moodboards, so there’s plenty of stuff to work with there if you’re not inclined to create one from scratch.

That said, you’re also free to make one through any editing program if you don’t wanna go about making a whole Pinterest account! Just paste the graphic(s) here as you would any other image. If you’re doing a Pinterest board, feel free to drop the link to it, or provide a preview screenshot!

And finally, for those who don’t wanna do either of those things but still want to participate, you’re more than welcome to create a moodboard of your own here by posting any pictures you may find relevant and just sort of talking about your thought process on them. (Ex. post a photo of masks and talk about how that may relate to Jane.) And by the way, yes yes YES, you can absolutely make a moodboard for a subject/character someone else already posted about in here.

As always, remember to keep all contents of this thread respective of the Forum Guidelines. This includes doing your civil duties to keep a check on profanity, keep things SFW, and remain respectful towards one another’s work. For now, let’s also stick to posting :warning: ONE BOARD PER PERSON (PER TOPIC)! :warning:

That said, there’s obviously a ton of comic book characters/series out there to choose from, so I’m curious what you guys have to say about your faves! And if you can’t narrow it down to one, feel free to just highlight one of your favorite plots/arcs from a comic series you really enjoy.

As always, get moody!